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"My two children attended the CBA in the summer and loved it. Moreover, I felt that they had substantially increased their basketball ability - both on the technical side and on the motivation side - and all because of Coach Bruiser. Both children acknowledged that he was tough but (they said) unlike teachers they have known he was fair and nice. The great thing about him is that he just doesn't teach them about basketball, but also about life."
-Donald & Joanna
"I am quite impressed with (Coach Bruiser's) vision. We could use a few more people like (him) in our communities."
"My older daughter attended CBA this summer. She has attended other basketball programs that focused on skill building and fun yet found the CBA to be the most challenging physically and mentally and where she learned the most skills. Coach Bruiser has an incredible way of teaching respect for others and oneself and assisting the campers in understanding commitment and perseverance. My daughter has a whole new way of seeing the game as a co-ordinated, interdependent effort of many players working towards a shared goal. I was so pleased that CBA focused on character building as an integral part of the game which transfers well into all areas of life. Coach Bruiser is a wonderful person who truly wants the best for the kids and is an incredible Leader and Mentor for both the campers and his fellow staff members. My husband and I hope that the CBA will continue to run programs for children and youth in the years to come."
Ontario Certified Teacher
"When I come to the CBA I get closer to achieving my goals of becoming a better basketball player and improving my basketball IQ and techniques."
-Imran, 14 years old
"Our 6 & 9 year old sons participated in the CBA Spring House League & Summer Camp programs. What impressed us the most was the highly disciplined approach combined with coaches who truly cared about the boys' basketball and personal development. This combination resulted in a great, dynamic learning environment where the children respected the Coaches & each other.

In addition to improving their basketball skills & overall fitness level, Coach Bruiser absolutely required that they also improve their life skills in the other critical areas of discipline, perseverance & teamwork. They finished the program with improved basketball skills, a positive attitude, and improved self-esteem. A big thank you to Coach Bruiser, Kareem and to the other Coaches, for their hard work & dedication!"
-Michel & Nita
"I am currently atteneding CBA, where I am learning mulitple things and where I get to play against good competition. Coach Brusier (is helping) me achieve my goals by pushing me to maxium potential. Motivating me. Giving me "one on one" time where he can tell me what I am good at and what I need to work and improve on. CBA made me more comfotable when playing basketball. Even when I made mistakes or when I messed up, I had my teamates cheering me on. Which made me feel confident. I get to meet new people, I get to meet new friends. I get to come to CBA and have a good workout and I get pushed by my coach. When I leave I am tired, but I feel happy that I get pushed at the end of the day."
-Andrew, 17 years old
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