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The CBA teaches private and semi-private lessons and clinics for individuals, groups, teams, and coaches. We assess the needs of the individual or group and create a clinic that specifically addresses their area of interest. In this expedient training method your son, daughter, or team can grow in leaps and bounds in a short period of time- whether to quickly work the kinks out of a jump shot or in preparation for an upcoming game. Lessons on a weekly basis will develop muscle memory, reinforce positive habits and foster the confidence that is needed to play at a high level.


Areas of focus: You select the specific skill that you'd like to improve on.

Skill level: Beginner, intermediate, and Advanced.

Interesting facts: CBA's head coach Bob Maydo has coached NBA players Steve Nash and Denham Brown!

"My two children attended the CBA in the summer and loved it. Moreover, I felt that they had substantially increased their basketball ability - both on the technical side and on the motivation side - and all because of Coach Bruiser. Both children acknowledged that he was tough but (they said) unlike teachers they have known he was fair and nice. The great thing about him is that he just doesn't teach them about basketball, but also about life."

-Donald & Joanna

"I am quite impressed with (Coach Bruiser's) vision. We could use a few more people like (him) in our communities."


"When I come to the CBA I get closer to achieving my goals of becoming a better basketball player and improving my basketball IQ and techniques."

-Imran, 14 years old
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